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Bubbles And Brus

Waterkloof Astraeus Pinot Noir Rosé MCC

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In Greek mythology, ASTRAEUS, father of the four wind gods and the stars, was an astrological deity known as the god of the dusk. Appropriately he married Eos who was the goddess of the dawn. Together they had many children, one of whom was named Boreas: god of the cold north wind, which howls relentlessly through Waterkloof’s vineyards and so defines the character of our grapes and resulting wines. While many people believe Waterkloof’ logo depicts a blowing man, it is actually a blowing god – Boreas.

This is a lightly coloured Pinot Noir Rosé with fine bubbles. It gives off floral and mineral aromas and strikes a fine balance on the palate between elegance and fine supporting structure.

 ABV: 12%