Our Story


Meet Jes, Jon and Jacques.

A few years ago, Jes had an idea to bring more unique, lesser known MCC makers and vineyards to reach consumers across South Africa so that they can enjoy these amazing drinks as much as we do. With a passion for drinking good South African wine and appreciating our fine MCCs, Jes discussed the idea with Jon (the “good idea, bad idea” risk assessor!) and plans were put into motion (it passed as a good idea!). Jacques was then pitched our idea, liked it too and joined us on the good ship Bubbles and Brus.

With Jacques being fortunate enough to live in Cape Town and having access to all these amazing vineyards (and breweries – more on them later) on his doorstep, the three of us came up with an idea to source some of the MCCs that aren’t necessarily as well known or easily obtainable and which we believe should really be shared with a wider audience, through a central hub (us!). Jacques, with a background in logistics, management, and distribution, as well as some impeccable tastebuds - perhaps not fully developed when he chose Manchester United as his team, but we have learnt to forgive him!

Anyhow, this is how the “Bubbles” part of Bubbles and Brus came about. The Brus part plays on the link between us being Brus (brothers) as well as our second part of the business – Craft Beers (or brews).

Jacques loves a good beer, so when the idea for Bubbles and Brus was pitched, the idea for adding locally brewed craft beers seems to perfectly complement the MCCs. We’re aware that MCC might not be to the taste buds of everyone, so for those that are looking for an alternative beverage and one that is away from the mainstream, our carefully sourced craft beers can be of service. Our aim is to support local MCC and Craft Beer makers from around the Western Cape, whilst enjoying ourselves in travelling around, discovering new products, and bringing them into our portfolio of products available for purchase through our online store – ultimately getting them to you to share in these amazing (South African) products.

After over 2 years of planning, finding a home in the fabulous Spice Yard business community in Cape Town, applying for and obtaining liquor licenses, visiting many of the fabulous vineyards, breweries, winemakers and brewers – many of whom have offered us such amazing support, ideas and advice – we are now ready to offer you, our customers (the Bubbles and Brus community) the amazing products which we have been looking forward to sharing with you all for so long.

Our aim is to offer a portfolio of quality MCC and craft beers to anyone looking to have an event such as a wedding or birthday, a get together with friends and family, or just those cosy nights in for two, three or four. Heck, a cosy night in alone curled up in front of a TV watching a good movie or binge-watching a new show goes great with a bottle of beer or a glass of bubbles!

We hope you enjoy joining us on this journey, through the amazing MCCs and Beers we have to offer.

Bubbles and Brus is our gift to you all – the winemakers and brewers, the friends and family you share these experiences with, and you – whom without we are nothing – Thank you for all your support.

Jes, Jon and Jacques

smile always 😊